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Returning Your Orders is Easy 

You can return your order as easily as you purchased it!

“If it doesn’t work, you can return it”

If you’ve purchased an item and it doesn’t work as stated, you can return it as easily as you purchased it. We would organize a pickup for the item and send you a replacement swiftly. It’s that simple. You can always reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter and also on WhatsApp. Prefer email? You can write to us on our Contact Us page. 


You can return the item within 2 days of purchase. As long as the item doesn’t work as stated or what you received isn’t what you ordered for .
Whatever product you wish to return must be in the condition in which you received it. That means all content and packaging materials must be put back in their original position.

Please note that once an order has been shipped, there would be no refunds unless in the case that the item doesn’t work as stated and we do not have a replacement . Refunds are settled within 5 – 8 days.
Whatever it is, send us a message on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. You can also send a mail via our Contact Us page. The email topic should be Product Return. We are always ready to help.


Probably you now want a different product entirely. Maybe something more expensive or more cheaper. No worries we’ve got you. Revenes is all about online shopping convenience. No stress. As long as the initial item is still brand new and it’s within 3 days of purchase, we might be able exchange it for you.
Just message us on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. We would be glad to help. You can also send a mail via our Contact Us page. The email topic should be Product Exchange.


Your product isn’t working? Perhaps it’s not coming on or something is just off with it. We’ve got you. We sell quality products only and our phones come with warranty. So you are always covered. Reach out to us through our official channels on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Or write us a mail from our Contact Us page. The email topic should be Product Replacement. We respond swiftly and are always here for you.

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