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Warranty Coverage on your devices

Your devices are covered by warranty

Our products are sourced  from their respective brands to ensure that every single item are guaranteed of authenticity. It’s simply not possible to purchase a fake item from this store. Our products are always quality and authenticity guaranteed!💯

ALL phones we sell come with warranty (except the ones marked as IMPORTED PRODUCT). The kind of warranty varies by the products and the product type.

There are basically 4 types of warranty coverage:
• Nigerian Warranty • Apple Warranty • Samsung Warranty • UK Used Warranty

Nigerian Warranty

These are offered by brands that have a Nigerian presence on products they release in Nigeria. Often times some products are launched globally or regionally by a brand but those products don’t get released in Nigeria. The products that get released in the Nigerian markets by these brands though always come with Nigerian Warranty.
This warranty varies from brand to brand and are covered by these brands individually.

Check out the warranty coverage for each brand:

Apple Warranty

Every brand new  iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage from Apple through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support.

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your product. The Apple Limited Warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Apple  warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. See the warranty for complete details. You can check your coverage status online and update your proof-of-purchase information if there’s an error in our records. If our warranty or consumer law don’t cover your repair, you’ll pay out-of-warranty fees.

Click here to check your coverage status.

Samsung Warranty

This warranty covers imported Samsung phones That is all Samsung phones not released in the Nigerian market. These devices are usually Single SIM devices. Also there are imported versions of Samsung phones released in the Nigerian market. These are usually single SIM devices as opposed to the Double SIM variant released in the country. 

All Samsung products come with warranty. So even the imported ones have global warranty on them. Please note that this is a Global Warranty and might be limited compared with the Nigerian warranty.

Check the warranty coverage: 

UK Used Warranty

We offer a limited warranty on the UK Used product we sell. There is a 3 days return period for:

  • Camera(Portrait Mode)
  • Mouth Piece
  • Network(Sim lock, No SIM)
  • Overheating

There is also a 7 Days Warranty or other issues like:

  • Charging Port
  • On and Off (if not tampered)
  • Speaker
  • Earpiece

We run quality tests on our UK Used phones before we send them to ensure the biometrics are working, the screen and touch is functioning well and the camera is working perfectly. Our warranty doesn’t cover physical damages, accidental or intentional. 

Devices WITHOUT  Warranty

Phones that are not released in the Nigerian market but are imported into the country do not come with any form of warranty. They do have actual warranty coverage but cannot be applied here in Nigeria because these items are imported.  These items are marked as “IMPORTED PRODUCT” in the product description.

Buyers should purchase with discretion. 

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